Get some peace of mind

Health Plus Pharmacy is a UK Government approved COVID-19 testing provider both for the Test to Release for international traveller scheme as well as for general commercial testing.

If you want a test for the Test to Release scheme, you will need a booking reference number from Health Plus Pharmacy to fill in on your Passenger Locator form. To get this number go to your nearest Health Plus Pharmacy offering the testing service, register an account and complete your initial consultation.

Your booking reference number will be your Health Plus Pharmacy patient ID.

We’re all trying to get back to some sort of normal but it’s difficult to know what we can and can’t do safely.

While the UK national testing programme is in place for those with symptoms of COVID-19, pharmacies across the country are helping to meet the demand for widespread testing for those who do not have symptoms.

Whether we’re planning to go on holiday, visit a friend or relative or maybe get back to work or get out of quarantine as soon as possible, we need to know our COVID-19 status to make sure we’re not putting ourselves and others at risk of infection.

If you are looking for on-site COVID testing for your business or organisation, we can provide bespoke solutions.

Antibody, antigen, PCR, finger pricks, swabs, lab analysis....there’s a lot of confusion around which test we need and how they all work.

While there are some test kits approved for home use, in many instances it is either a requirement or at least more appropriate that testing is carried out by a healthcare professional.

Pharmacists can advise on the right test to give those of us who don’t have symptoms the peace of mind needed to get back to doing the things we’ve missed.


COVID-19 In Clinic Testing Service

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